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What’s my trade worth? You’ll find it’s worth more at Kamloops Ford Lincoln! Our competitive trade-in program will help you get the best value for your vehicle in the region, when you trade in your car for another. There are a number of factors used to determine the value of your trade in including your vehicle’s year, make and model, condition, mileage and rarity. Whatever your vehicle, we’ll make your car swap an easy and pain-free process. Even if you find that you’ve become attached to your used vehicle, once you find out what your car is worth at Kamloops Ford Lincoln it will be hard to say no!

It’s easy to trade in your car: contact us to book a free and no-obligation appraisal and we can tell you what your trade is worth. Once you know your budget, we can show you through a selection of vehicles that match your needs. We’re open to a variety of car and truck swap options: whether you’re looking for increased capability and want to swap your car for a truck, or even have a boat for trade, no vehicle is out of the question. Get the guaranteed best value at Kamloops Ford Lincoln!

Whether you are swapping your car at Kamloops Ford Lincoln or are selling it privately, there are a number of ways that you can maximize the value of your vehicle:

  • External appearance

    The exterior of your vehicle is a large part of determining your vehicle’s value. Minor body damage, rust, windshield cracks and other issues can reduce value. Even a thorough car wash and wax will increase your resale value, and is a good idea if you plan on selling your vehicle in the near future.

  • Internal appearance

    Take the time to vacuum and clean your interior, cleaning all areas where dirt and dust can collect. A professional detailing will help you remove strong odours or stains. Drop by our for all of your car detailing needs.

  • Mechanical

    Deal with any known issues like engine warning lights, noises from the engine or transmission, worn brakes or suspensions components, etc. Even if you decide to keep your vehicle, it is a good idea to take care of these issues to ensure it is safe to drive for you or the next owner.

  • Tires

    If your tires are excessively worn, consider replacing them before putting your vehicle up for sale or trading it in. Our Parts Department has an excellent selection of tires for all makes and models.

  • Vehicle Maintenance History

    Bring copies of your service and repair records to show that your vehicle has a history of regular maintenance. And don’t forget to mention if your vehicle has been involved in any collisions.

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